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How to Get the Perfect Tan in 3 Easy Steps

How to apply self tanner!

Are you looking for a sun-kissed glow that will last all summer long? Then self tanner is the perfect solution! Applying self tanner may seem daunting at first, but with these tips and some practice, you'll be able to achieve a flawless complexion in no time.

Preparing Your Skin It's important to properly prepare your skin before applying any self tanner. Exfoliate the day before - this will help remove any dead skin and create an even surface for the product to stick onto. Once you've exfoliated, make sure you moisturize your skin thoroughly. Additionally, shave or wax any unwanted body hair and make sure that your skin is completely dry before beginning application.

Application Whether you're giving yourself a sun-kissed glow or aiming for an all over bronze tan, be sure to do it with finesse! Before swiping on self tanner, start by applying light amounts of product onto your trusty mitt. Apply in circular upward motions from your legs up using the excess left on the mitt to blend into those detailed areas such as your ankles, knees and elbows - no streaks necessary here! Avoid direct applications to those areas!

Aftercare Once you've applied the self-tanner, wait at least 10 minutes before getting dressed and then try not to wet or sweat for at least 4 hours – this will give the product time to set properly and develop its maximum color. To maintain your natural looking summery complexion, continue moisturizing regularly as this helps prevent fading. Make sure to use gentle soaps with moisturizer while showering as harsh soaps can strip away some of the color!

With these easy tips and some practice, you can have beautiful bronzed skin all year round - say goodbye to pale winter blues!


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