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Spring Makeup Trends 2023

It’s time to step up your makeup game for Spring 2023! Get ahead of the curve with the latest and greatest trends in beauty. From the "makeup - no makeup" look to pastel eye shadows, transform your look into one of a kind glamour this season! Whether you’re headed for a special event or just need something new for that upcoming Zoom meeting, get inspired by these emerging trends in Spring 2023 makeup.

Bare Your Natural Self

Embracing your natural beauty with a natural makeup look is a great way to flaunt your inner confidence. Natural makeup allows you to bring out the best version of yourself, while still maintaining an effortless and subtle look. From rosy cheeks and glossy lips, to glowing skin and a hint of mascara - natural looks are perfect for any occasion! With this type of look, you can show off your best features without feeling like you’re wearing too much makeup. Letting your natural beauty shine through has never looked so good! Pixie On The Glow Bronze is the perfect addition to your makeup bag to achieve this effortless look!

A Dewy Dream

This spring, having a dewy face is more important than ever before. With the days getting longer and the temperatures rising, it's important to keep your skin hydrated and glowing throughout the day with a range of products that will ensure your face looks fresh, no matter how long you stay outside. Whether you're looking for a light moisturizer or something more intensive, there are plenty of options to keep skin hydrated while giving you an ethereal look as well. Try Milanis Make It Dewy Setting Spray for the perfect dew!

A Pop of Pastels

With the new season upon us, it's time to update your makeup bag with the latest trends. Pastels have made a comeback this spring and are an easy way to add some fun and freshness to your look. From shimmering eye shadows to creamy blushes, pastels will give your makeup look a dreamy and romantic touch. Whether you go for bold colors or soft shades, adding pastels to your spring makeup is sure to make a statement! Get pretty with pastels with The Steffi Lynn Eye Shadow Pallet.

Wispy Falsies

Adding natural falsies to your look for spring is the perfect way to give your look an extra boost. Not only are they stylish, but they also can be a subtle way to add some extra definition and dimension to your eyes without compromising the natural beauty of your features. Whether you opt for longer or shorter styles, or choose between synthetic or real mink lashes, adding natural falsies will give you a beautiful and effortless glamour that's perfect for the warm and sunny days ahead. Using Kiss Falscara lash kit is the easiest way to give your eyes that perfect little boost!

Wing It & Bling It!

This spring, step out of your comfort zone with a modern twist on the classic cat eye look. Bold shadows and liner can create an intense, dramatic look. Use colors like pink purple or blue to give it a vibrant touch or go for a classic black shade for a timeless beauty. You can go for graphic shapes and lines to make your eyes stand out, or add extra glam with glitter or rhinestones to take it to the next level. Whatever you choose, this vintage-inspired trend is the perfect way to express yourself this season! Create the perfect wing with Loreal Infallible Cat Eye Water Proof Liquid Liner.

Highlight Queen!

This spring, one of the hottest trends is to incorporate highlighter into your makeup look. Whether you're rocking a natural glow or going for an all-out glam look, adding highlighter to your makeup collection is a must. Highlighters can be used to enhance and define your features, give an overall glow to the face and create a soft focus effect. With so many highlighters available in different shades, formulas and textures, there's one out there that will suit everyone’s individual style. One of my favorites is Tarte Shape Tape Glow Bar.

Spring 2023 is certainly looking like a season full of exciting beauty trends. From bold pops of color to low-key dewy skin, there’s something for everyone and every look! Whether you’re goal is to stand out or stay subtle, give your makeup look an upgrade this season by incorporating one of these spring makeup trends. Embrace the new season, have fun with it and feel empowered to express yourself through your makeup.


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